Every Vessel records and dramatises the history of its manufacture is a multimedia project by the trio Flamingo, involving music and gesture, manifested in 3D-printed sculpture. The process encompasses the rendering of audible and visual material in both time and physical space, to create an immersive experience that challenges established notions about the work of art as well as its process of manufacture.

Throughout the month of May, 2017, Flamingo performed three concerts a day, six days a week at the contemporary art gallery Kunsthal Nord in Aalborg, Denmark. A custom-designed algorithm analysed the audio and motion data of the performers, using machine-listening and machine-learning technologies to recognise patterns and structures in the performance. The data from each performance was then translated into a print file that, when fed to a 3D-printer, resulted in the creation of a sculpture. In total, 72 unique sculptures were created and exhibited.

On this page you will find the audio file and sensor data used to generate sculpture 2017052502, that is, the sculpture that was generated during the second concert on the 25th of May 2017.

To your right, you can stream or download a audio file of the performance while photos of the sculpture and data sets of the performance are available below.

Every Vessel is created by Chris Heenan, Adam Pultz Melbye and Christian Windfeld in collaboration with Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan.

For more information, please visit www.everyvessel.com