Chris Heenan: Contrabass Clarinet
Adam Pultz Melbye: Double Bass
Christian Windfeld: Snare Drum and Objects

“(…) methodical sonic searches, employing various extended breathing, bowing and percussive techniques in order to create rich drone texture.

Flamingo offers highly unique, intriguing textures.”

Eyal Hareuveni, salt-peanuts.eu

Flamingo explores sound, texture and dynamics. Sometimes verging on the threshold of hearing and at other times engaging in dense layers and waves of sound, the music of Flamingo creates a poetic space in which pure sound phenomena step forth on the eternal backdrop of silence.

Flamingo has performed at festivals and venues throughout Denmark, the US and Germany and released its debut album on vinyl, CD and download in May 2016.

Christopher Heenan (Washington D.C., 1969) lives in Berlin and is an active composer/ performer and organizer of experimental music. He performs on alto saxophone, contrabass clarinet, bass clarinet and analog synthesizer in contexts ranging from solo to large groups and in various ongoing projects. He uses these instruments to investigate new musical forms, noise, and improvisation both in his solo work and in collaboration with composers and performers such as actors, musicians, dancers, and visual artists. Heenan has developed a formidable solo voice on his wind instruments, particularly with the contrabass clarinet where he uses extended techniques, often incorporating multiphonics with surprising results, to reveal the subtleties inherent to the instrument.

Adam Pultz Melbye (Ribe, Denmark, 1981) lives in Berlin and works in the field of improvisation and structured sound. He plays double bass in a number of groups, often with dancers, and favors a resonant and textural approach to his instrument, at times combining it with electronics and utilizing subtle changes in dynamics and timbre to create a rich world of complex harmonics.
Adam has toured most of the world and appears on 30 albums, while running his own release platform Noema.

Christian Windfeld (Ringkøbing, Denmark, 1983) is a Danish percussionist, realtime composer, and educated “Soloist” from the Royal Academies of Music in Aarhus (Denmark) and Stockholm (Sweden).
Touring activities all over the world including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Czech Rep, Italy, Canada, USA and Australia.
Christian has collaborated on over 25 record-releases world wide with various groups including, Flamingo, Ellipsis, FØRSTEPERSONENTAL, Kolonihaven Unikum and Admiral Awesome.
Windfed has performed with a.m.o. Audrey Chen, Okkyung Lee, Nina De Heney, Mette Rasmussen, Gene Perla, Pietro Tonolo, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Mikko Innanen and Axel Dörner.
In 2015 Windfeld received the 2 year long highly esteemed grant “The young Elite” from the Danish Arts Council. www.christianwindfeld.com